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Wind Creek partners with Key West restaurant to serve meals

Managing Editor

If you’ve watched your evening news, you’ve seen the destruction in the Florida Keys.

Wind Creek Hospitality saw the destruction and took action.

Beginning Friday, Sept. 25, Wind Creek Hospitality and Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant – Key West, partnered to provide free food and water to community members affected by Hurricane Irma.

“We expect to stay on location until the immediate needs of the local population are met,” said Cody Morgan, general manager of Lucy’s. “We started with enough food to serve 1,000 meals, we estimate we’ve fed 2,000 now and we’re attempting to secure more.”

Lucy’s Key West has electricity and will serve as a Red Cross Distribution Center for water.

Lucy’s Key West was fortunate to lead a humanitarian relief mission that left New Orleans on Thursday morning to deliver food and supplies to Key West.

“We know from our experience in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina that in the wake of a disaster it is crucial to provide basic services to those in need, and we look forward to joining together with Wind Creek Hospitality, relief workers and families to restore normalcy to the island,” said Morgan.

Lucy’s Key West, a wholly owned affiliate of Kirkendoll Management, has a long history of responding to natural disasters. Seven years ago, Lucy’s owner, John Kirkendoll, flew multiple supply missions to Haiti after an earthquake devastated the island. Kirkendoll, a Deputy Reserve Sheriff out of San Miguel County in Colorado, also responded to Hurricane Katrina.

“Last week, Kirkendoll Management (the parent company for Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant) partnered with Wind Creek Hospitality to sponsor a humanitarian mission to Key West in the wake of Hurricane Irma,” according to a joint statement of Kirkendoll and Wind Creek Hospitality. “As Florida business owners, both companies are invested in the quick recovery of their neighbors and the Florida economy, and were excited to fund this opportunity to provide emergency relief to citizens and first responders in Key West.

“Since their arrival last Thursday, the management team at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant has served free food and water and provided a refuge for people to rest and refuel. We estimate that Lucy’s has served approximately 2,000 people since Thursday and will continue to stay open throughout the week.”

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