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Our genuine engagement and positive energy provide guests, especially women, an escape from their ordinary world into our exciting fantasy world of play, chance, and possibility. With this contribution, we give them a feeling of importance and belonging.

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National Greyhound Association Statement on the Closure of Mobile Greyhound Park

We have been informed by the management of Mobile Greyhound Park that the facility will be ending live racing following the program of August 19, 2017. The National Greyhound Association, in conjunction with the American Greyhound Council and Greyhound Pets of America, is working with our members and adoption groups throughout the country to ensure that each and every greyhound at Mobile Greyhound Park will be properly cared for until transferred to another racing facility to continue their careers or adopted out into a loving home. Members of all three organizations have already stepped up to volunteer time, equipment, money and any other services necessary to accomplish this task. We have also been assured that Mobile Greyhound Park will also be providing any goods and services necessary to facilitate the care, transport and re-homing of all greyhounds at their facility.

If you wish to help in this effort please contact the NGA (785-263-4660), Mobile Greyhound Park (251-653-5000), or Greyhound Pets of America (800-366-1471).

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