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This plan represents Wind Creek Hospitality’s effort to identify actions and practices to mitigate the risks of exposure of our Team Members and Guests to COVID-19 as we resume operations at Wind Creek Hospitality’s properties. It was developed with input from many people, including public health experts and our Team Members. We fully anticipate that these plans will evolve in reaction to new information and changing circumstances and guidance. To that end, we will continue to monitor governmental policy and updates, advice and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and public health advancements.

Wind Creek Hospitality operates properties in the jurisdiction of one Native American Indian tribe, four states and three countries. This plan will be adjusted for each of our properties based on location. Flexibility is central to development and implementation of this plan because it will change as new information becomes available and current information evolves. THIS PLAN IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. We provide this document to the public so that our Guests and communities will know the steps we are taking to mitigate possible exposure to COVID-19 at our properties.

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Our properties are places that many people visit to enjoy a moment away from their routines. Equally important, they also provide employment to thousands of people. Short of closing permanently, no reasonable action can completely prevent the chance of COVID-19 transfer at any of our properties. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our Team Members and patrons, and that commitment is reflected in the efforts we have taken to prepare a comprehensive reopening plan.

The CDC notes, “When a novel virus with pandemic potential emerges, nonpharmaceutical interventions, which will be called community mitigation strategies … often are the most readily available interventions to help slow transmission of the virus in communities.”1 Throughout multiple CDC guidance documents, the concept of Social Distancing is presented as a major nonpharmaceutical intervention that can be utilized to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Frequent and intensive cleaning regimens also feature prominently in multiple CDC guidance documents.

We incorporated CDC guidance into our reopening plan. Depending on the level of community COVID-19 transmission in each of the communities in which our casinos operate, our properties will either be closed or open well below normal capacity so that Social Distancing can be employed. Floor markers, posters and other collateral materials will be used throughout our operations to remind Team Members and Guests of Social Distancing.

In addition to rigorous ongoing cleaning using the CDC’s recommended cleaning and disinfectant materials while Guests are present, we will clean the gaming floor in sections multiple times per day, allowing the remaining gaming floor open for play as well as deep cleaning the gaming floor overnight. In addition, we will use “EPA-approved products from a list provided by the CDC for use against the virus that causes COVID-19” or “alternative disinfectants as cited by the CDC if the EPA-approved products are not available.”

Pursuant to Social Distancing guidelines, shoulder-to-shoulder play at our games and tables will not be allowed. Guests will have plenty of space at our properties to spread out and enjoy themselves.

During this time, face coverings will be mandatory at all properties for both Guests and Team Members. If a Guest arrives without a face covering, a disposable face covering will be available in return for a charitable donation for face coverings to local charities. Face coverings must be worn at all times other than when required for identification purposes or while dining. If a Guest or Team Member refuses to comply with wearing a face covering, they will be asked to leave. There will be a designated smoking area on premises, but smoking will no longer be allowed on the floor, in bathrooms or in public spaces. Social Distancing will also be required in the designated smoking area.

1CDC Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission

Mitigation Efforts to Limit COVID-19 Exposure and Spread to Team Members and Guests

We are monitoring recommendations from the CDC and other public health sources. There are multiple points of guidance provided by the CDC that are relevant to our properties and their return to operations. The guidance varies depending upon the level of COVID-19 community transmission.

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Wind Creek Hospitality COVID-19 Response Plan
Efforts to Reduce Transmission Among Team Members
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Considerations, Conditions and Phasing of Reopening

Considerations to Reopening
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